Facebook Neighbor Selector

Earlier today I wrote about a gift for you. This is it. I hope you like it. I do.

I named it Facebook Neighbor Selector(FNS) because that’s what it does: It selects neighbors when neighbors needs to be selected in Facebook games. Nothing more.

It’s an extension like FVE with some differences:

  • It doesn’t have an icon inside Google Chrome like FVE. So it’s a bit invisible.
  • It doesn’t have a separate user interface like FVE. So it’s a bit simple that way.

The key ingredient in FNS is the “Select random” button as it is called in this first release. Below you can see a screenshot showing the orange button. Click the image to get a bigger picture.

Screenshot showing the "Select random" button

Clicking the button automatically selects a random selection of neighbors in the list and only within the limits given to the exact form shown.

More facts

  • It doesn’t have anything to do with sending gifts. It only selects neighbors and nothing more.
  • It should work in all forms that looks a bit like the one on the screenshot.
  • The selected number of neighbors can differ from those showing in the list after you’ve pressed send. This is completely normal. A more intelligent selection of neighbors could make the difference smaller. But in the first release this is what you get.
  • It’s a very simple but powerful feature.
  • The source code is simply so it’s easy to add changes.
  • It’s a really safe way to send many gifts and ask for many things in many different games.
  • The button is orange to indicate that it’s not a native Facebook feature.
  • FNS doesn’t have any connection to FVE. Other than me 🙂

FNS is a great alternative to FV’s own mass gift sending tool because

  • It works with “Free gifts” which is the best way to send out gifts at the moment.
  • It can be used to mass send any gift available in “Free gifts”
  • It can also be used when you need to ask for materials and other stuff.

My own ideas for new features

  • Instead of selecting random it could select from top to bottom from bottom to top.
  • The ability to pick a set of favorite neighbors and save it for easy selection. You could call it a playlist.
  • Make it intelligent so it knows when you last sent a gift to a certain neighbors.

Don’t forget to send me your ideas for new features if you have any.

Downloading and staying updated

Updates will be announced on http://a-creative.dktwitterfacebook and inside FVE. So surf, like, follow or use FVE to stay updated.

The latest release can always be downloaded from the same place as FVE:

And links to specific releases can always be reached by browsing the official FVE blog at http://a-creative.dk

Download it now here:

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