2011 Done. Fixes coming soon.

Happy New Year everybody to you and your family and thank you for letting me aid you in 2011. I hope a great start on 2012 is within reach when it comes to FVE.

I thought I would have a job by now, but that was not to be. So what to do now 🙂 Fixing FVE was the first think I could think of as I can’t avoid getting a lot of spare time at the moment.

Version 3.1.7 fixed some critical problems for most of you, but since then many of you have probably experienced the “sick” cow sounding a bit more than you would like. Including myself. I will try to fix this instability within the next week and send an update post Sunday or earlier.

The current problems probably gets worse when FB is unstable(and it is for me today 🙁 ).

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