Weekly test

Thank-you-gifts for help requests

This week a swarm of requests for thank-you-gifts came to FarmVille. This happens because you now automatically get a thank-you-gift request when a neighbor accepts to help you. This week I myself have sent a lot of help requests. The thank-you-gift requests returned easily take up most of the 50 spots available in my FV inbox(and on FB), which means there isn’t really much room for my neighbors help requests. Of course it is now great that you can see who actually helps. I have tried to test if these thank-you-gifts gets there in the end, but I wasn’t even able to do that(even by using ZMC). I didn’t even succeed in sending such an request 🙁

So FVE Auto is really needed at the moment if you want help all that you can. For me it would probably have run every 10 minutes this week.

To minimize the problems you can enable “Only accept non-gifts” in FVE or simply use ZMC(with it’s bugs) instead of FVE.

Weekly test in the future

I haven’t been able to perform a normal test this weekend. I’ve desperately tried and therefore this e-mail comes very late. The swarm of previous mentioned Thank-you-gifts made it impossible to get a reliable test result. I will keep trying in the future but I think the odds are against these tests until I get FVE Auto finished.

This weeks conclusions

  • Help requests within the 50 first requests are returned perfectly with FVE.
  • Gift requests within the 50 first requests are accepted and returned perfectly with FVE.
  • Thank-you-gift requests(SDB’s) can only be accepted in ZMC inside FV and not on FV(with or without using FVE)

FV Extender Auto

I’ve just started on a vision training course to get my vision back on track. There is a lot of problems with squinting and that’s a bad thing when sitting close to a computer screen. The vision training course takes almost 3 hours every day and the eyes hurts a bit the rest of the day. Plus I have other things to do also. So the work with  FV Extender Auto and multiple game support is not going as fast a I hoped. So you will need to be patient. I’m still very excited about the project and the upcoming features, and a lot of you have shown your interest too.
Read more about FV Extender Auto and what it will do for you.




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