Facebook fixed the “oops” + Macintosh problems

Now Facebook fixed the “oops…” error

Just now it seems like Facebook has fixed the problem that actually caused FVE to malfunction during the last week – and which was the reason I released my own fix a couple of days ago.

So right now both version 3.1.24 and 3.1.25 should work. I’m not really sure which one is actually the fastest. They both seem okay.

Basically you can stick with the version you have now and try the other one if you want to check it it’s faster for you.

You can skip upgrading to 3.1.25 if you haven’t already upgraded. Only do it if you STILL experience problems with 3.1.24.

I need your help with Macintosh problems

Since Google changed Chrome months ago it has become harder to install FV Extender. Many of you have probably noticed this. For some the problems are critical because I can’t help you. Macintosh users can’t install at all and I haven’t been able to find a way to workaround this – other than buying a PC 🙂 I don’t own a Macintosh which makes it a lot harder to find a solution.

So please contact me if you know how to successfully install FV Extender on Chrome on a Mac(intosh). Then I will afterwards share this knowledge with all the users.



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