You are in a dark place
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
You are trying desperately
To find a way out
There is no room
There is life out there
There is music out there
But you are caught
It feels safe
But everything else does not make sense
Something is keeping you stuck
In this dark place.
You wish you were nothing.

Your eyes opens a bit
They dare hardly to see
A small light forces them to
Is there light? Is there a way out?
You do not believe it
You cling to the walls of this dark place
After the little light
Comes a growing unrest
It becomes a tunnel of light
The pressure is huge
You are struggling against it
Every muscle is used
But you cannot win this battle
Finally you let go

You fly through the light
And out to even more light
It burns your skin
It burns your eyes
It shakes your heart
But finally you are out

To the left
Is your father fainting
In front stands a human
Reaching out
With it’s arms
And you reach out
You see your mother
Her eyes stand still
She thought it was a little boy
But it was a big girl
You see your father and mother
Both in tears
Both proud

Your eyes opens wide
Your smile covers your face
Life starts
The music plays for you
The heart is beating
You are finally free.
Imagine if you were not born.

<3 Maya

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