About me

Hi, I am Maya 🙂

I had a fun time when creating this site. I hope you will have a just as nice time when you have a look around.

Enjoy Maya

Maya Kathrine Andersen

Born April 27, 1978      DSC_0014
Height 190 cm
Weight Approx. 73 Kg
Location Near Aarhus, Denmark
Work In Aarhus as a web developer

20 quick answers about me


1 Favorite color Orange or pink color
2 Dream career A model career could be fun. I love the idea of posing and trying on a huge amount of styles. CW
3 Where is your favorite place to travel? I would love to go to a romantic city like Paris or Venice. paris
4 What do you do in your free time? Medium long runs, surfing FB, watching TV, learning french, playing with my look and web site development.  running
5 Favorite clothing stores Definitely Zalando.com: A lot of clothes from different brands, free delivery and free returns etc. What is not to love. zalando
6 Dream car A little electric car that is easy to get around in and is loved by the environment. Maybe this: BMW i3
7 What TV shows can’t you live without I don’t watch much TV. I love seeing award shows where I can steel som style ideas and see original performances. I also watch Family Guy which keep surprising me. familiguy
8 3 things you need in your life are My family and friends, the internet, my smartphone
9 If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it? I would invest it in some kind of charity that helps children. girl
10 I have a celebrity crush on…? I haven’t really figured out yet. There is a lot to pick from. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. He is looking great after having matured, and he was awesome in Titanic.
11 Favorite treat to eat A good healthy mixed salad with chicken, pasta, grains, chunks of delicious fruit and vegetables. Something that looks good, tastes good and has a lovely scent. salad
12 Favorite drink On cold days: Chai Latte. On warm days: A regular Coca Cola. Otherwise: Water 🙂 cola2
13 Favorite season Summer when my skin can really be touched by the sun and it’s easy to find a day for a run. summer
14 Favorite music artist Beyoncé. No doubt. She’s a great singer, has a great style and has a fantastic performance. beyonce
15 Favorite web site Facebook. My life is connected by FB. Like it or not 😉 facebook
16 Favorite body part That would be my legs. I’m grateful they are so long and slim.
17 Favorite clothing item That is skinny leggings/jeans with a nice design – since I love my legs 🙂
18 What is usually in your shoulder bag? Laptop, smartphone, ”wallet stuff”, sunglasses, lipgloss, gum, lipbalm, lipstick, lipliner, mirror, parfume, healthy snacks – like almonds, hand and nail cream, leg warmers, gloves,
19 Heels or flats? High heels. I feel awesome in them. Mind and soul just works better with them on. But oh I’m size EU43 🙁 stil
20 Favorite wild animal That’s easy. I love kitties. So it’s of course a Tiger. Tiger cubs are the cutest. tiger

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