Version 4.0.10

We are moving closer and closer to a stable version with the current features available. This release adds a few important bug fixes and debugging modifications to get even further with solving the last issues.

Bug fixes

  • Some of you experienced that nothing happened when pressing “Process requests”. This could happen if you closed the FVE tab while it was processing or if your computer/browser went down while FVE was processing. FVE now resets correctly after being closed at the wrong time.
  • Have optimized the way FVE reads from it’s internal database. This could have some effect for those of you experiencing the error popup: “Internal database error. Therefore requests are not updated.”


  • Error reports now include the version number of the FVE you have installed. Since auto update was disabled and FVE download was moved to my own server many of you have had outdated version. Now I can better help you when that is the case.

Downloading and installing

Download and install this release by clicking here.

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