Bugs fixed

  • I hope second time is the lucky charm. Version 4.0.12 did only work for those who had not added an alternative user name to their Facebook account.
    FVE should now with this bug fix open correctly for all users.


Download the new version here . You may need to re-install to make it work but first just try updating.

Known issues(not specific to this release)

Some of you have reported FVE not accepting some FV requests and none of the FTV requests.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix them before my vacation since the packing for this already has been postponed enough 🙂 I’m leaving tomorrow.

It looks like some FV requests are bugged. They won’t even accept when doing them manually through FB. All you can do to those is to accept them once, and then reject them to hide them from the list.

The FTV requests probably are changed so FVE don’t handle them correctly anymore. I have an idea how to fix/work around this, but again, I’m not sure I get to this before my vacation.


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