4.0.17: Workaround for empty “Game requests” page

Some of you has suffered from an empty “Game requests” page. I’ve now tried making a workaround for you. I can’t promise it will work for all of you but I hope for some.

Important: Those of you who don’t suffer from this(yet) can skip this update because there isn’t any other changes than this workaround.

To those of you suffering: The game requests also show on another page than “Game requests”. Specifically this page: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php. That page also show non-game requests. Report the problem to FB if that page also is empty for you. If it’s good you can now inside FVE enable the setting “Request list: All requests” to force FVE to get it’s data about requests from there.

Get the new version here.

If you end up with the need to report it to FB you can do it here:

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