No more empty request pages(almost)

Some of you experience that FVE tells you have no requests even if you are sure you have. At the same time you also experience an empty request page on FB. I may have the solution to these problem. But let’s take it from the start.

Important: If you can see your requests on Facebook but FV Extender still tells you there is none, you should stop reading. You then have another problem related to Facebook changes done October 19 which unfortunately also makes FVE report that you have no requests. Update to the latest version of FVE to fix that problem.

First make sure…

…that you actually have a continuing/persistent problem. Because FVE could have gotten a single wrong result from the server. Do this by going to the game requests page. Try to reload(F5) it a couple of times. You can verify that you have the problem if the missing requests keeps being missing everytime you reload the page.


The rest of the guide has moved to a non-FVE-specific location. So continue reading here:

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