4.0.19: Today’s new issues solved(hopefully)

Within the last 24 hours Facebook decided to turn everything around. Nothing visual but it had great consequences when it came to FV Extender. But the struggle is now over. I hope.

Some of you might not have gotten these FB changed yet. But I advise you to install this FVE release anyway as you may get the FB changes soon. I also advise you to go back to version 4.0.18 again if, and only if:
FVE version 4.0.19 tells you that you have no requests even though http://www.facebook.com/games show that you have.  At the same time report the problem to me.

Here is the fixes in this release 4.0.19:

  • FVE showed that you had no requests even though you could see them on the FB game requests page. Now it works again and you can quit using the workaround I told you about in my last post.
  • Many of the jack’o’lantern items suddenly made FVE hang. This is also fixed now.
  • The profile image inside FVE now shows corretly again. For a short while it was simple a gray/white gredient.

Those of you who still have an empty game requests page on Facebook should read this instead:

Read the instruction here: http://a-creative.dk/2011/10/16/no-more-empty-request-pages/
I’m still researching this problem. Most of you found your way with the instructions at that page, but there is still some of you who still has the problem. Keep contacting me so we can solve this problem together now when FB obviously has other things to do like making my day a bit longer 🙂

Status on the quest for uncursed SDB’s

I’ve decided to call of the search and let it up to Zynga to fix this problem because it must be their responsibility to clean up all the invalid gifts links they slip onto Facebook. And it Facebook’s responsibility to make sure that users with thousands of these SDB’s on their game requests page doesn’t end up with an empty game requests page. But I’m not sure any of them are up to their responsibility. Therefore I advise you all to clean up your cursed SDB’s regularly using “ignore all” on Facebook. Also try using Facebook Neighbor Selector as the tool for sending many gifts instead of using FarmVille’s tool for mass sending invalid SDB’s.


Here you can download this release(4.0.19):

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