3.1.0: FVE is kinda alive again

Please don’t get too exited yet. This release is returning FVE back to it’s original form with some differences and missing features. It’s therefore much more primitive than FVE 4.x and also very different than FVE 3.x. I had hoped to make it faster but that’s simply not possible. Only porting FVE 4.x to Firefox will make it possible to accept several requests at a time.

All these radical changes happens because FVE 4.x was completely deactivated by recent Facebook changes.

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If you haven’t already done so. Please do one of the following:

How to install it

  1. Uninstall your current version 4.x by right clicking the icon and selecting “Uninstall”.
  2. Install the “new” version by clicking here

A very quick user guide

  1. Activate FVE by clicking the new(but old) FVE icon which is not orange but instead multi-colored with the text “FV”
  2. Next a drop down menu shows.
  3. Click on “Process requests” to start accepting all your requests instantly.
  4. Click on “Abort” to stop the processing.


Settings are currently not changable. Here are the defaults:

  • Gifts are returned when possible. So “yes” it does return gifts.
  • Text for returning gifts is empty. So don’t worry about that.
  • Neighbors requests are always accepted.
  • Requests are rejected if FVE accepts them but fails to remove them from the list on Facebook.
  • Requests with a user message is always accepted.

Known issues

  • The number shown on the FVE icon is not very accurate. Basically it shows what Facebook shows which is not accurate either until you have accepted requests below a certain limit.
  • I have tested it with a lot of requests, but I can’t promise that it will stop somewhere anyway. Please report what you see when it stop somewhere.
  • It accepts only FarmVille requests.
  • Sound is disabled.

Weekly test

The weekly test is postponed with one week.

Development plans

  1. In the next couple of days I will add the missing features from the earlier FVE 3.x.
  2. Next I’ll update Facebook Neighbor Selector with a lot of new features. This will probably take one week.
  3. Finally I’ll start working on porting FVE 4.x to Firefox. I hope this to be done January 1st. But can’t promise anything.
  4. January 1st I’ll also open up for donations again. I hope you’ll save up a couple of $ until then. At least just to reward me for the work I’ve done so far.

About my job

I hope to sign the contact tomorrow and my first day on the job is Dec. 1st. Until then I will use 50% of the time on FVE and the rest on preparing my self for my new job.

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