3.1.10: A couple of fixes and new features.

If you read the weekly FVE test you might wonder if it’s still worth using. The answer is completely up to you. I’ll continue updating it as long as some of you uses it.

Here are the changes in this release:

  • FIXED: Due to changes by Zynga gifts wasn’t returned. FVE simply didn’t click the “send” button because it couldn’t detect it. Now it can. However the gifts returned can only be picked up inside FarmVille. Currently you get “giftnotfound” if you use FB/FVE.
  • NEW SETTING: “Reject neighbor requests”. All neighbor requests will be rejected if this setting is checked.
  • NEW SETTING: “Only accept non-gifts”. Only help requests are accepted if this setting is checked. All gift requests are rejected. This is a tool to help those of you who just want to help your neighbors.
  • OPTIMIZED: Requests are now rejected(when needed) as fast as possible which probably is much faster than in the last release.


Here you can download this release(3.1.10):

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