3.1.18: Picnic feature is now handled

FVE didn’t handle the new Picnic feature correctly even if it’s a pretty standard feature. I’ve now tried to fix FVE so that it handles features like this automatically in the future.  Let’s hope I got it right 🙂

If you have trouble with this on

Actually this time I’m releasing two versions: 3.1.17 and 3.1.18.

Try 3.1.17 instead only if 3.1.18:

  • seems too unstable for you
  • and you don’t see the Facebook App Center here.

If you’re downgrading from 3.1.18 to 3.1.17 you should uninstall 3.1.18 first.
Basically I hope that the majority of you can use 3.1.18.

You should definitely just install 3.1.18 if you’re currently using 3.1.15.

FVE 3.1.17 can be downloaded here


Here you can download this release(3.1.18):

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