3.1.25: Fix/workaround

About this release

Some of you may have noticed that Facebook has made life hard for FV Extender during the last week.

Today I did some searching around on the internet and saw a user mentioning the old game requests page as a place where requests actually can be accepted through Facebook. FV Extender has previously used that page as a data source. So it didn’t take long to make this fix.

I call it a workaround since the old game requests page isn’t ideal as a data source because it contains more information and therefore takes longer to load which makes FV Extender slower. But it does the job 🙂

You should be able to go back to 3.1.24(use the link in the relase post for that version) as soon as Facebook has fixed the current bug with the app center. At that time I will also release a new version which will basically be the same as 3.1.24.

Pay attention to the current download instructions on the download page. Especially the fact that when you upgrade there MIGHT NOT be shown ANY feedback/popup. Test FVE by clicking on the icon to see if it actually works(which I really hope).

How to download

To download the latest release I urge you to go to the download page and follow the download instructions which I have just updated so that it suits the way Google Chrome let’s users install extensions from outside the Google Chrome app store. I haven’t had time to make an install video for you. So you will have to do with the text list instead.

If you come back later and want to go back to this release instead of the latest you can download this specific release here and basically use the download instructions on the download page when doing it this way also.

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