Weekly test 5/2012

Used version: 3.1.10

Basic test result

  • Total requests: 50
  • Succeeded: 35
  • Failed: 15
  • Success rate: 70%


Item Exp. Act. Pct. Comment
Help request 17 17 100% This test was done visually.
Special Delivery 18 12 67% 4 was left in ZMC
Farmhand 7 4 57% 2 was left in ZMC
Cozy blanket 2 2 0% 1 was left in ZMC
Ticket 1 0 0% None was found in ZMC
Cupid bow 2 0 0% 2 was left in ZMC
Love Arrow 1 0 0% None was found in ZMC
Reindeer Trt. 1 0 0% None was found in ZMC
Horse 1 0 0% None was found in XMC
Total 50 35 70%

Other tests

  • Gift sent from “Free gifts”(“Holiday lights”) received with FVE: 1/1
  • “Special Delivery Box” sent from icon and received with FVE: 1/1
  • Special offered “Farmhands” sent from icon and received with FVE: 1/1
  • Gifts received that was returned by FVE:0/3 (all was found in ZMC instead. So they were not lost)
  • Received lottery ticket from request accepted by FVE:  1/1
  • Received “Love” for “Romantic Carriage” from friend who accepted request through FVE: 2/2


  • Special delivery boxes seem to get through in an accepted amount, at least if you remember to accept your requests before reaching 50. The next version of FV Extender Classic and FV Extender Auto should be able to help you with that.
  • All other gift requests seem to end in ZMC or disappear completely. Very annoying. The other tests I did however shows that it is possible to get them all the way no matter where you send them from.
  • Some might say ZMC is a more safe way to get your gifts. My tests show that ZMC also loose gifts.
  • Help requests seem like going through without any problems. Nice 🙂

FV Extender Auto

During the week I posted about a new version of FV Extender. It’s called: FV Extender Auto. It a completely separate app. It will look and work like FV Extender Classic, but will have one feature that will be the only difference between the two: “Auto process”. “Auto process” makes it possible for you to make sure that you get all the gifts dedicated to you even while you are away. Some might say that is cheating/being lazy. Therefore I’ve decided to release it:

  • as a seperate app.
  • only if enough people are interested in getting it.
  • and shows their interest in a way that helps those in need in the rest of the world.

Read more about the future development of FVE and how to show that you are interested in FV Extender Auto.

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